Golf Teaching Studios

Many golf professionals teach outdoors on the driving range, but imagine how many more lessons you could give in the same time if everything you needed was right there at your fingertips, rain or shine, day or night.A Teaching Studio is the ultimate indoor golf environment where only the imagination (and the budget) is the limit.

The basic component is a fitting centre, or dedicated indoor space where golfers can hit a ball into a virtual driving range. Inside this space we add the Swing Catalyst Video System which allows you to capture a video image of evey golf swing from multiple camera angels at high frame rate. This system is connected to a powerfull LED studio lighting system, to provide enough light for you to record videos in a controlled environment 24 hours a day if required. Each video can be replayed at the touch of a button within seconds of the ball being struck. No more recording videos on the range and coming back to the club house to review. See each shot frame by frame before you forget how you hit the ball. The Foresight Sports GC2 Launch monitor is completely integrated into the Swing Catalyst software so all of the ball fight data, as well as every captured video can be stored as a record for later review. It is a complete system.

But Wait - there's more. Why not incorporate a balance plate, or a 3D motion analysys system into your Studio. What about a putting analyser, or even a mental training system. You can create your own teaching speciality exactly the way you want it, and use all of the available technologies to advertise and market your studio. Take on top level golfers and use the best technolgies in the world to improve their golf game. The Golf Studio is the ultimate golf teaching environment, and GolfBiz has the experience and the expertise to help you to create your own studio. Give us a call for more information 

GolfBiz is the exclusive distributor for Foresight Sports in Australia & the Pacific Region