Mobile Applications

The Swing Catalyst mobile app lets you record your golf swings, and set up a FREE Swing Catalyst Online account. Download your videos to your account and have access to them at any time even when you are offline. Swing Catalyst Online stores all your swings, -video lessons and –drills, and lets you access them at any time, from anywhere. Or send your swing to an instructor on-line and communicate with your instructor to access all the data you have recorded. In the Swing Catalyst video analysis software your instructor is able to record a video lesson that includes comments, drawings and drills which is instantly sent back to you. If your instructor has the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate or - the 3D Motion Plate, and a tracking device, he can share all this data with you via your personal On-line account.


The Swing Catalyst App lets you film your own swing and share it with others. All your swings, drills, pro swings and video lessons are stored in your Swing Catalyst Online account and are easily accessible via the App at any time. Efficient communication with your instructor is facilitated through your Online account, and your instructor can share video lessons, drills and swings in just a click from the Swing Catalyst software. The best of all: It's all free and it's all connected.

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